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Wake n Bake inspired by buffy-the-pipe-slayer Wanna join?

New jackets make me happy.
Doing this all day
Sometimes you get snowed in and get high and sit on the couch. Wanna join?
What I will be doing all fucking day.
When it reaches 41° in New England you hang out outdoors.  P.S. I saw a tie dye snuggie today.
After a long day where I’ve been sick it’s good to know your Tumblr crush like your selfie. Next step is to hear her say her blog’s name to me. JK(NOT REALLY) Next step, getting her to follow me then we’ll take it from there.
If it wasn’t for these pictures you wouldn’t see me at all.

Me having to explain why I’m so “dressed up all the time”. Lmao
Sunglasses indoors. EMO.